Elzetta Alpha Review (415 Lumens)

The Alpha only came out after the introduction of the Bravo (2-cell) & Charlie (3-cell) models, and was aimed more for tactical backup usage – especially for Close Quarters Battle (CQB) and home defence.

With that in mind, this Alpha is the second generation version with 415 lumens as compared to the first generation’s 315 lumens – let’s see what this current gen Alpha has to offer.

Note: the flashlight reviewed is model number A113 with optional accessories – Speed Clip & Alpha Flood Lens.

Oveready TorchLAB BOSS 35/70/Combo Review (Raw Titanium)

The BOSS (Bright Output Small Size) flashlight first debuted around mid-2016. However, it was not until December 2017 that the Titanium BOSS was finally released.

Some may snort at the idea of a high powered (output) flashlight in Titanium due to its lesser than ideal heat dissipating properties but for Titanium geeks like us – it’s a dream come true!

With several new Custom makers of Titanium triples lights in the market these few years; is this the one to get while you still can?