Olight I3T EOS Review

The Olight I3T (or i3T) EOS is the latest iteration of the I Series (keychain). 

In keeping with the tradition of the previous EOS model (I3E), the I3T utilises the Philips LUXEON LED but ditches the keychain – in favor of a dual direction pocket clip.

The majority of the AAA flashlights available currently are twisty-style switches. Hence, having the I3T with the clicky forward switch is definitely a nice welcome.

Elzetta Alpha Review (415 Lumens)

The Alpha only came out after the introduction of the Bravo (2-cell) & Charlie (3-cell) models, and was aimed more for tactical backup usage – especially for Close Quarters Battle (CQB) and home defence.

With that in mind, this Alpha is the second generation version with 415 lumens as compared to the first generation’s 315 lumens – let’s see what this current gen Alpha has to offer.

Note: the flashlight reviewed is model number A113 with optional accessories – Speed Clip & Alpha Flood Lens.

ReyLight Ti Lan V3 Review (Grade 5 Titanium)

The 3rd iteration of the ReyLight Ti Lan is finally here!

With several changes/updates from prior versions, is the V3 what we have all been waiting for?

**UPDATE (04 July 2018)** 
Rey sent a metal switch replacement after hearing several feedback about the switch/spring issue. Henceforth, all new Ti Lan V3 would come with this switch instead.
This definitely wins a thumbs up for excellent customer service.